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Uniform Information

School uniforms are required at Our Lady of Lourdes.School A community clothes closet is hosted on site and parents are welcome and encouraged to select any items they may need. Outgrown jumpers, polos, shorts, and pants are available for your family use. Have something to donate? Please bring it to be added to the closet.

TK-6th grades are able to wear red or white polos. Red polos currently must be ordered through Lands End and have the school logo. White polos and  Navy pants, shorts, and skorts may be purchased at Lands End or any location as long as they are traditional school items. TK-4th grade girls wear jumpers or a skirt at least one day per week. Girls in the 5th-8th grade wear skirts instead of jumpers, also purchased from Lands End. Students in 7-8th grade may wear navy blue or white polos and Khaki pants, shorts, or skorts purchased from Lands End. Students may wear school sweatshirts for use in the classroom ordered through LE. Alternatives to sweatshirts such as a quarter zip fleece jacket may also be purchased. Logos are required. Standard red, navy, or white button-up sweaters may be purchased as a non-logo item substitute.

Please use our preferred school code when ordering at Lands End to ensure you choose school approved clothing and have access to school logos for red and navy polos and sweatshirts and other apparel. The code is 900144015.

Please review the school handbook for further detail.