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Spiritual Formation

The most fundamental purpose of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School is the same as the Catholic Church- to evangelize. Thus, in instructing and proclaiming the good news, students are given a foundation from which all knowledge flows. It is with this foundation that academics thrive and how student learning is viewed- with respect to the formation of the whole child.

Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to participate in supporting school faith formation activities. It is the belief at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School that parents are the primary educators, and the staff serves as facilitators in this spiritual and academic journey. This is especially important when students are enrolled in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School during sacramental years. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School prepares students for First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation.

Acknowledging mutual values and diverse traditions, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School prepares children to be enthusiastic and comfortable in their expression of faith and encourages the development of respect and compassion for one another as taught by Jesus Christ.

As part of a student’s spiritual formation, all students attend morning line up to start the day in school wide prayer. A children’s Mass is held weekly, giving students an opportunity to host and directly participate in the Mass. This is also carried over once a month when Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School students host a Sunday Family Mass at the Church.

In addition, all students participate in religious instruction as a part of their academic pathway, just like any other school subject. Within this instruction, students are given ample service opportunities. Student council often hosts service projects or fundraisers for charities, students participate in faith families to build ministry connections with the Church, and students are required to perform community service as a part of their religion course. Further, each classroom has a prayer table where the liturgical season is reflected, student prayers are displayed, and sacred items are placed. To further build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, students are often provided off-campus retreats and excursions.