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St. Bernadette's Hall Use

St. Bernadette's Hall is available for use by Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church and School and by additional county parishes as dates are available. St. Bernadette's Hall is available for county parishioners to use following family events including parish wedding receptions or funeral mass receptions. Quinceanara receptions are not able to be scheduled until further notice. At this time, we offer two non-profit organizations use of the hall yearly. Additionally, the hall is used as a county polling place and has been used by youth groups such as scouts and recreational programs. We are not able to offer the hall for other events such as baby showers or other parties due to state restrictions.

A brief information sheet is available upon request. All reservations dates will be verified with the appropriate parish office that a mass has been scheduled.

A signed contract and minimum deposit are necessary to reserve St. Bernadette's Hall usage. Payment in full is due 3 months prior to the event. Insurance and security guards arrangements are handled through the school office. Security guards are required at events. At this time, 176 chairs and 24-8 ft rectangle tables are included with your reservation.

Please email office@theollschool for additional information.
This information is effective October 2023 and is subject to change.OLL School Parish Church and School